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Survey on Use of Active Learning

In February 2009, Fredrik Olsson (SICS, Schweden) and me arranged a web survey to analyze and understand the extend to which Active Learning has been used to support the annotation of textual data in context of natural language processing. Moreover, we aimed at finding out about the reasons to why or why not AL has been found applicable to a specific task.

The results of the survey were presented at the Workshop on Active Learning for NLP at NAACL, June 2009 and are published in the workshop proceedings:

Katrin Tomanek and Fredrik Olsson. A Web Survey on the Use of Active Learning to support Annotation of Text Data. Proc. Workshop on Active Learning for NLP at NAACL 2009, 2009. [ bib ] [ pdf ]


The survey data can be downloaded here:

  • plain survey as presented to the participants PDF
  • answers part I: answers of participants completed the survey PDF
  • answers part II: free form answers of participants completing the survey (due to anomymization issues, answers to last question removed) PDF

 If you are interested in the raw survey data (which is in some kind of XLS format), please send a mail to Katrin Tomanek.