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Principal Investigator

Research Interests

Natural language processing (NLP), language technology

  • Tagging, chunking, syntactic parsing (dependency grammars)
  • Acronym resolution
  • Named entity recognition (NER)
  • Relation extraction
  • Text parsing
  • Anaphora resolution

Biomedical language processing (BioNLP)

Software engineering for NLP

  • Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA)

Text Analytics

  • Information extraction
  • Text mining
  • Automatic summarization

Information retrieval

  • Corpus construction (for the life sciences)

Annotation science

  • Active learning

Knowledge representation

  • Description logics
  • Part-whole reasoning
  • Mereotopological reasoning

Machine learning for NLP

  • Lexical and conceptual learning
  • Active learning

Ontology design and engineering

  • Top-level ontologies
  • Ontology engineering by ontology alignment
  • Ontology learning (automatic ontology population)

Short CV

since 2004
 Full Professor for computational linguistics (University Jena)
1990-2004  Associate Professor for language informatics (University Freiburg)
1987-1990  Assistant Professor for computer science (University Passau)
1987  Doctoral Degree in information science (University Konstanz)
1980  Master Degree in linguistics (University Mainz)

Academic Prizes

Unstructured Information Analytics Award (IBM)
UIMA Innovation Award for Faculty (IBM)
2000 University Partnership Program Faculty Award (IBM)